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"I purchased Debt & Credit Professor's – Emergency Credit Repair Software to maintain my credit health. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in expenses. When I lost my wallet, I used it to go online and protect myself against ID theft.and cancelled my credit cards."
Wanda H.
"I never thought that I would have the power to fix my credit report, and raise my credit score. It was quick and easy. I picked a template and tweaked it to fit my situation and the negative items were removed in about 45 days." 
Willie B.
"I had an old bankruptcy on my credit report that should have been removed several years ago. The bankruptcy was removed, and 1 year later I was able to buy another house. I feel  very confident now and will able to get my life back on track."
Gloria G.
"My wallet along with all of my credit cards were stolen. I went online and filled in the forms. So far, no one has been able to use my credit cards"
Oliver M.
" I was able to fill out an identity theft form online and turn it in to the police. It was just that easy!"
Patrick M.

"I worked out a reduced payment of almost half of what I owed on my credit card, and I agreed to make 13 equal payments to pay off the remaining  balance".
Renee M.
ID Theft and Credit Restoration Software
"While I was in the Gulf War, someone stole my identity, and made several fraudulent purchases. Thank you Debt & Credit Professor for helping me to get my life back and a job because I had been looking for work, but no one would hire me with issues showing on my credit report." 
Larry W.
"I needed quick help to remove a few errors on my credit report so that I could obtain financing for my Birmingham, Michigan business. It worked. The errors are gone and I can concentrate on my business." 
Brad B.

One of the biggest myths about credit repair and restoration is that when people hear the terms, they automatically think that they do not have a problem with credit.  It is quite possible that most often people don’t understand credit itself.  Besides food and water, credit is perhaps one of the most important things that you will need to survive.  You cannot make a purchase for the things that you will need to survive without good credit.

From an auto rental to gasoline to power your personal automobile, or paying your cell phone bill to paying your home’s electricity bill.  The fact is, you will need credit to purchase the automobile, to obtain the credit card that you need for the automobile’s gasoline, and to obtain the cell phone and the electricity to power your home.

Think of credit just as you would think of your health. Take steps to stay healthy. Don’t wait until your health becomes an issue, or you when you are too ill to do anything about your situation.

Take a look at your credit report once per year, or more often depending upon your credit situation.  Look for errors that could hurt you!

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